Saturday, December 20, 2008

Procrastination is Not A Four-Letter Word

And yet, we often treat it as if it were some kind of nasty little secret that we must keep hidden away as if no one else ever suffers from such an awful malady.

I know that I am extremely guilty of giving in the fine art of procrastinating and then feeling guilty about it as if I have just committed the most grievous of sins. There is usually a very good reason for my putting off whatever it is that I have decided would be better served by simply waiting. Another day will absolutely be much bettter to write that post, or write that next installment on that blog. Often it is simply that the inspiration is not there, or the lighting is not right or the mood is not right. Of course, it's a good reason, or I would not have given in, right?

The truth is, there are times when I feel guilty simply because I measure myself up against others who are more prolific than I am, but that is wrong, since this is not a race. It is something I do for me, but that I hope that others will enjoy. If I try to write when I am down or my mind is simply blank, more than likely others are not going to enjoy it.

Of course, I also know that many of my excuses are simply that...excuses and they won't hold water if I truly sat down and looked at them closely. There are times when I think that I often hold back from really expressing my feelings or opinions because I know or fear that by doing so, I will expose myself to ridicule or even worse, it might give people an insight to what makes me tick. I like being a person of mystery which is why I enjoy writing so many different characters atPan Historia: I become those characters but when writing a blog, I expose a part of myself, and perhaps I fear that others may find that part of me very boring. As if every one else is perfect and I am the only one who has flaws. But then again, aren't those very flaws that all of us have the very thing that often make us the most interesting?

Still, no matter if it's a good excuse or not, I proudly claim the title of most prolific or should that be 'non-prolific' "Procrastinator" though I suspect there are others who have already claimed the title of this year's president of the Procrastinatior's Society.


Pan Historia said...

The interesting thing is that for a procrastinator you sure get a heck of a lot of writing done.

Joielle said...

what can I say? *grin* I have to have someplace to get all my angst out.