Saturday, November 29, 2008

Searching for That Wild Eyed Elusive Creature, My Muse, Whose Greatest Joy in Life Seems to be as Slippery and Evasive as an Eel in Hiding

Sometimes it seems as if something conspires to keep me from writing, even a sentence or two, for just as soon as I sit down at the computer, my mind goes absolutely blank. Of course, I know that's all in my mind and that there are no outside forces which are determined to keep me from writing just because they are afraid that once I sit down to write that what will flow from my fingertips is going to be incomparable, breathless prose, which would threaten their very existence. Although I guess it might at that, for it certainly would threaten the very existence of boredom and a feeling of inevitablity and futility and sameness of being that exists as long as I sit here with my fingers poised above the keys, staring blindly at the screen, hoping and praying for just one word, any word that will get my mind and fingers to work together in a synchronized movement that flows so effortlessly that I am slightly breathless when it is over.

Although what comes forth from these fingers and my mind could and should be outstanding and has almost reached that peak of perfection at times , but most times it is just an everyday mundane effort to put my thoughts into some kind of order which is difficult considering the absolute chaos that reigns in my mind most days. better than nothing I suppose but I want it to be something powerful that will make people sit up when they read it and either laugh or shake their heads in recognition, as if to say, 'I know that feeling.'

Of course, I am my own worse critic and so when I sit here, some great idea may just be simmering beneath the surface, trying to give voice, but for some reason, I refuse to admit that it might actually be of interest to anyone but myself.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Indecision...But, not for long.

Maybe I should have gone with Reckless Meanderings, because there may be times when my mouth gets me in trouble.

Now, for the second day of blogging, it's not a lack of subjects to blog about but an overabundance of things to vent about, ramble on about or just plain be happy about.

After all, tomorrow is Thanksgiving and a time to stop and give thanks for all our blessings, and yes, I know that things seem really bleak and scary this year, but even so, there is still much to give thanks for.

For myself, I have my loving family, all my wonderful friends, especially those that I've made at I know that it will be a busy season for most of us, what with all the holiday cooking and oh, yes, the eating , and watching Macy's Thanksgiving Parade(always a tradition at our house) and 'now how many games of football did they say were on, honey?'(my remark with a groan, though I do watch, along with all the rest) and eating again...after all, we had to go back for seconds as well as the dessert that we missed the first time around.
*note* Notice the turkey is still dancing, which means that it has not been cooked yet and so thinks that it has escaped to dance again another year. *shrugs* perhaps, perhaps not...

Finding a Title

For me the problem of finding just the right title may have been one of the most difficult tasks in setting up a blog. At least it certainly was for me. I kept trying out various words and putting them together to see if it worked for me, but alas, none of them seemed quite right. Let's see, there was 'Mystical Meanderings', or 'Maudlin Meanderings', (I actually kind of liked that one) or 'Maniacal Mystical Meanderings.' I am sure that there are some who would say that the last one fits me perfectly. Then there was the 'Malingering Madness' or 'Melodious Malingering'. Not that the last one makes a whole lot of sense, but it sounds 'melodious'...I do like alliteration and for some reason, seemed to be hung up on the 'M's. I actually had another title in mind, but decided that it sounded way too suggestive and thus would not suit such a serious undertaking.

At any rate, for better or worse, I finally gave in and picked 'meaningless Meanderings'. Why? I just liked it, not any better or worse than any of the others but I suppose I thought it fit me.