Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Finding a Title

For me the problem of finding just the right title may have been one of the most difficult tasks in setting up a blog. At least it certainly was for me. I kept trying out various words and putting them together to see if it worked for me, but alas, none of them seemed quite right. Let's see, there was 'Mystical Meanderings', or 'Maudlin Meanderings', (I actually kind of liked that one) or 'Maniacal Mystical Meanderings.' I am sure that there are some who would say that the last one fits me perfectly. Then there was the 'Malingering Madness' or 'Melodious Malingering'. Not that the last one makes a whole lot of sense, but it sounds 'melodious'...I do like alliteration and for some reason, seemed to be hung up on the 'M's. I actually had another title in mind, but decided that it sounded way too suggestive and thus would not suit such a serious undertaking.

At any rate, for better or worse, I finally gave in and picked 'meaningless Meanderings'. Why? I just liked it, not any better or worse than any of the others but I suppose I thought it fit me.


Scarecrow said...

Someone's got to say it...Joielle's Jollies!!!

Joielle said...

shame on you, scarecrow. *blushing* I wasn't going to say that, out loud, anyway. *grin*

Laura Jayne said...

The first M word that came to my mind was Marauding (which I think goes well with Meanderings)... but seeing as you settled on a name (which I like by the way) I will tuck that one back in my pocket for my own future use.